July 28th, 2014: Out and about in New York City

How problematic

im gonna fuckin throw up

Okay, okay calm down, people.

While you are all losing your mind over ‘cultural appropriation” of an Indian dress, nobody actually consulted THE INDIANS. 

In our country, if a foreigner wears an Indian saree, we actually appreciate it. It shows that the foreigner respects us enough to try our clothes. And the saree, mind you, is not a religious thing. Hindus can wear sarees, Muslims can wear sarees, Sikh’s can wear sarees, Jain’s can wear sarees and so on.

Like Americans have short dresses, compare that with sarees. Going to a party? Saree. Going to temple? Saree, and so on.

Some Indians wear it, some don’t. Some hate it and think its oppressing, some love embracing the unique style.

Point is, don’t hate on her for wearing this. Don’t hate on anyone for wearing sarees or any variations of sarees. We love to see others embracing our culture. Why do you think we open our gates to allow everyone to practice yoga and find spiritual meaning?

Culture is not meant to be kept within four walls, it should be spread.

I did not know this. That is really interesting to find out. Thanks for the information.

"Culture is not meant to be kept within four walls, it should be spread."

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Killing is making a choice. Choose between one life or the other.
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when i look in the mirror:


when i try to take a picture:


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to the window
to the wall
to the trash where i belong

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I get insanely uncomfortable when people have their own selfies as their phone wallpaper. 

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Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one’s breath.
- Eve Glicksman  (via fawun)
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white people ordering food at a mexican restaurant

2,287,241 plays

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mom: why are you always asking for money?



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my personality is 30% the last movie I watched

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"free samples!"


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"I hate myself in interviews. All of a sudden, you stop and you’re like, ‘Chris, how dare you?’ I don’t live in Darfur. I have both legs. But you can’t walk around all the time being like, ‘I’m so grateful I’m not in Darfur.’" ― Chris Evans

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Benedict Cumberbatch is interviewed on SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio channel from Comic-Con 2014 at The Hard Rock Hotel on July 26, 2014

That profile. Those eyes. That freckle on his neck. *sigh*
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